Spring 2024 Appetizers & More...

Indulge in jW Catering's array of delectable appetizers. Explore our grazing offerings, where the elegance of flavor meets the art of presentation, with beautifully arranged charcuterie boards, seasonal fruit displays, and a variety of small bites that cater to every palate.

Spring 2024 Breakfast & Brunch

Embark on a culinary journey with our exquisite breakfast and brunch menus, featuring a harmonious blend of traditional favorites like fluffy scrambled eggs and innovative delights such as the Turkey, Brie, and Avocado Baguette, all designed to satisfy diverse palates. From the Continental Breakfast's artisan pastries to The Kauai Brunch's unique Loco Moco and Spinach and Strawberry Salad, our offerings promise an unforgettable dining experience, complete with gourmet coffee service to perfectly complement your meal.

Spring 2024 Boxed Lunches, Sandwiches & Salads

Elevate your lunchtime experience with our gourmet boxed lunches, designed to delight with a choice of savory sandwiches like the tender Pulled Pork on a Dutch Crunch Roll or the classic Turkey Club with a spicy twist. Dive into our entrée salads such as the Grilled Salmon Nicoise or the Southwestern BBQ Tri Tip, each packed with fresh, vibrant ingredients and dressed to impress. Accompany your meal with a selection of refreshing beverages, from infused lemonade and iced tea to artisanal coffees and sparkling water, ensuring a perfectly curated dining moment for any occasion.

Spring 2024 Dinner & Lunch

Delve into an exquisite culinary adventure with our themed dinner and lunch buffets, offering a harmonious blend of global flavors. Choose between the "Asian Delight" for a tantalizing journey through Eastern cuisine, featuring options like Teriyaki Baked Chicken or Hoisin Pork Loin accompanied by a vibrant Asian Green Salad and aromatic sides. Or, immerse yourself in the vibrant "Mexican Fiesta" with a build-your-own Taco Bar, mouth-watering Enchiladas, and a Chopped Salad that sings with the zest of chipotle vinaigrette. Both themes are complemented by a luscious Fresh Fruit Display, ensuring a feast that's as visually stunning as it is deliciously satisfying.

Spring 2024 Dinner & Lunch

Experience the world on your plate with our themed dinner and lunch buffets. Dive into the "Authentic Vietnamese" for a taste of Grilled Lemongrass Chicken and Vietnamese Cucumber Salad, or savor the rich flavors of our "BBQ" buffet, featuring Texas Style Molasses BBQ Chicken and Molten Mac & Cheese. For a touch of Mediterranean, the "Italian Touch" offers Garlic Breadsticks, Penne Aglio E Olio, and Tuscan Beef, all complemented by a Fresh Fruit Display to refresh your palate. Each theme is a carefully crafted culinary adventure, designed to delight and satisfy.

Spring 2024 Theme Dinners & Buffets

Indulge in a vibrant array of themed dinner and lunch buffets, where each dish tells a story of its origin. Choose from the tropical "Hawaiian Luau" with its Kahlua Pork and Toasted Coconut & Pineapple Salad, the hearty "American Traditional" featuring Braised Short Rib and Garden Greens, or the "Greek" buffet, offering Lemon Oregano Chicken and a classic Romaine Greek Salad. Each buffet is a testament to authenticity and flavor, complemented by a selection of sides like Tofu Musubi, Quinoa & Roasted Corn Stuffed Pepper, and Dolmas, ensuring a dining experience that's both diverse and deliciously memorable.

Spring 2024 Pizza Time

Our Base Pizza Oven Package transforms any gathering into a gourmet experience, serving 50 to 75 guests with options ranging from traditional Four Cheese and Margherita pizzas to the exotic tastes of Lobster and Truffle or SPAM Grilled Pineapple and Furikake from our Pizza Extreme selection. Complemented by dual salad choices and Mini Chocolate Chip Cannolis for dessert, this package promises a memorable feast that blends classic and contemporary flavors.

Spring 2024 Platters & Desserts

Elevate your event with our exquisite buffet platters, designed to cater to all tastes. Our selection includes Artisan Cheese and Craft Charcuterie boards for the connoisseur, vibrant Fresh Fruit Displays, and sophisticated options like Lemon and Coriander Poached Prawns or an Assorted Sushi Platter. For a heartier choice, opt for our Craft Sandwiches Artisan Platter, featuring gourmet selections such as Grilled Apple Brie Baguette and Roasted Turkey Club. Indulge your sweet tooth with our decadent dessert offerings, from Freshly Baked Cookies in a variety of flavors to elegant Tarts & Pastries, including Lemon Tarts and Pear Tarts, and irresistible Brownies & Blondies, ensuring a memorable finale to any dining experience.

Spring 2024 Desserts, Desserts, Desserts

Indulge in a luxurious dessert menu that promises to end any meal on a high note. Delight in classic Puddings & Custards, including Rice Pudding and Mexican Style with Spiced Chocolate, or explore our array of Tarts, from Caramel & Pecan to Pistachio Mousse Tartlet. Elevate your dessert experience with our exquisite Cakes, featuring the sophisticated Chocolate Opera Cake and the irresistible Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. For those seeking innovation, our Desserts Priced Per Item offer unique choices like Crème Brûlée in Espresso Cups and innovative New York Cheesecake Bites, alongside refreshing options like Seasonal Fresh Fruit Kebabs and Assorted Natural Fruit Cups filled with Sorbet, ensuring a diverse selection to satisfy every palate.