Quality is our recipe

Quality is important to us! Everyone at JW Catering works to bring a quality product to you. Our ingredients are fresh and we strive to use local, organic and sustainable meats and vegetables. We are very conscious about quality throughout our production process and have set a high standard for every part in our organization. From food preparation to delivery and setup, our highly trained staff is certified and understands how to handle food properly.

As our processes and procedures on producing food is organized, we also have high standards with our food purveyors and we ensure that our raw ingredients from the produce to the meats, and seafood meets our quality standards. Our goal is to produce the best meals possible with the freshest ingredients. This is our commitment to you!

While our food product is produced in a high quality process, our engagement with our clients is of high quality as well. We value integrity, loyalty, and strong relationships. Everyone in our organization may interact with our clients and we strongly believe our values show that we are a quality organization. We are passionate about food, our clients, and the great relationships we have made over the years.